Bulk Provisioning service for Samsung Devices

Device provisioning has been the biggest pain reported by IT managers. Lot of time and effort is wasted in setting up corporate devices.
We bring you our unique provisioning offering, for best out of box experience – powered by Samsung Cloud.
You no longer need to unpack your device and manually provision the mobile devices.


– Save Time: No need to unbox the device and manually setup
– Save Money: No need to transport devices to service centre’s. Save on transportation and provisioning cost
– Peace of Mind: All devices will receive the same configuration and APPS. No room for human error

How does it work?

Step 1: Send us resource files ( custom wallpaper, ringtones, settings, APPS ) and configuration settings.
Step 2: Send us IMEI/Serial Numbers of the devices that needs to be provisioned along with proof of purchase.
Step 3: Make Payment
Step 4: Ship your corporate device to the end user after 24 hours.

When the Mobile device is first turned ON, all corporate settings and APPS will be deployed. Device is now corporate ready.

What configurations can you do?

– Custom Wallpaper with option to make it unchangeable
– Custom Boot screen image
– Setup ringtone and volumes
– Set connectivity configurations
– Set device orientation
– Deploy applications
– Disable all unwanted application packages
– ….. Many more

We also deal with additional enterprise specific requirements

Supported Devices

– Samsung S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, Tab A, Tab S2 ( More devices will be added shortly )
– Check with us if you are unsure.


– Please contact us for competitive pricing plan