As you may know when you supply power to a Samsung device, it will not switch ON.

User needs to press the power key to turn ON the device. This is not ideal in a business setup where few hundred devices have to be turned ON

BOOT ON POWER application simulates booting of device when power is connected. When NO power is supplied to the device, the device will

enter a power saving mode with screen OFF  to conserve battery. In power saving mode the battery discharge is  less than 1% per day.

BOOT ON POWER application also allows setting of shutdown threshold. This is required if the device needs to shutdown completely when battery

level falls below a predefined limit.

BOOT ON POWER also enables stay awake mode whereby the screen never times out.

KEY Features

– When no power is supplied, devices enters power saving mode with screen OFF simulates device shutdown

– When power is supplied devices wakes up from powersaving mode and screen turns ON

– Screen never times out when power is supplied

– All bloatwares are disabled

– Timer based ON/OFF is also supported


How can I customise it

Yes lots of customisation is possible to match your requirements, please contact OSPolice