1) I am getting License activation failure / retry. How to solve it?

– We do not support ROOTED phones . If your devices is ROOTED, package disabler MAY not activate.
– We only support SAMSUNG Device.
– License wont activate if you use a PROXY or VPN.
– If you have used another package disabling tool such as DEBLOATER or ADB based tool, please revert back all the disabled packages


Resolution for license activation on Samsung Devices with stock ROM/NON ROOTED is given below:
( send us (service@ospolice.com) settings->About page along with your google purchase invoice )

License Activation Failure

a)  Update the pacakage disabler to the latest version and  try again


b) Reboot your phone and try again


c) uninstall other versions of package disabler and try again


d) uninstall pacakge disabler and reinstall package disabler


e) If and update has topped activation the only option is factory resetting the device and reinstall package disabler

2) How to uninstall package disabler?

a) Launch Package disabler , Click MENU-> uninstall package disabler

a) Go to Settings –> Security –> Device administrators un tick package disabler.
b) Go to Application Manager un-install Package Disabler
c) Reboot phone

3) Package disabler does not launch on my device?

Package disabler only works on Samsung devices. Please check support for your device by installing free version of package disabler on your device


4) Does package disabler have ROOT access on my device?

NO, Package disabler does not require ROOT access.


5) Can I hide applications on my device without loosing Application DATA (login,image etc)?

YES, if you disable any package , the application will not be accessible to any user until it is re-enabled . You can protect the package disabler login by enabling PASSWORD (MENU->SET PASSWORD)

6)How to remove ‘Unauthorised action has been detected’ error?

Download Package disabler from the Play Store and search for  ‘Security Log Agent’ package and DISABLE this package.

[ CREDIT for finding this solution goes to  ibtimes.co.uk blogger ]

7)How to use GOOGLE cardboard on GEAR VR?

Download Package disabler from the Play Store and search for  ‘Gear VR Service’ package and DISABLE this package.

[CREDIT for finding this solution goes to Reddit user enzo1982]