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NOTE: Currently purchase from our website is restricted to Business to Business users.

A common problem that we have all faced when we purchase our Android device is that there is tons of third-party apps loaded into the device that cannot be uninstalled. These apps consume resources and clutter the launcher.
The Package Disabler is designed to solve this problem without the need for ROOTING. Just download Package Disabler from Play store and disable the APPS that you want to get hide/disable.
The disabled application / package will not be uninstalled but the device user cannot use it. Also it prevents user to reinstall disabled apps and use it again.
Disabled package won’t get updated thereby saving disk space
Who uses Package Disabler?
– Every mobile user use wants to improve the performance of their mobile device can use Package Disabler
– Businesses who want to control the APPS on the Employees devices can benefit from Package disabler
– Parents use Package Disabler to control application used by KIDS
– Package Disabler is used in trade shows to clean up the launcher screen when used for demonstrations

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KEY Features

– Disables any APP/Package from Samsung Devices
– Improves Battery Life. Fewer Application running on the system means low consumption
– Improves performance of Android devices. More CPU and RAM can be used for applications that are active. Background applications can be disabled
– Saves disk space on Device. Disabled APPS cannot update. Most of the third-party updates consume large device storage space
– Disable Play store. Stop Employees and KIDS accessing Google Play


Supported Device List

Almost all of the Samsung Android Devices are supported. Samsung S7,S7 Edge,Note 5, S3, S4,S5, Note 2, Note 3,
Note 4, S6, Edge, Tab 3, Tab 4, Tab Pro, Tab 10.1, Tab A etc…


Package Disabler vs Package Disabler Pro

Number of APPS/Packages that can be locked Unlimited Unlimited
PIN Protection PIN Protected A PIN is required to enter Package Disabler Pro Settings
Import/Export Export only Disabled package list can be exported and used in another device
Can Package disabler APP be uninstalled YES through Android Settings Using Package Disabler Pro settings.
UPDATES only critical updates Every month
SUPPORT  Reponse within 48 hours  12 hours


Key Features: (Pro version)

– Password protection ( Default password is 0000, this can be changed from the settings menu inside package disabler)

– Import/Export: Once packages are disabled, the list can be exported to SDCard to an XML File (Just click Export Option on the top Menu) When Package disabler is launched on any other device with the XML file, The packages will be disabled automatically.

– Expiry: There is no expiry to Package disabler PRO

– Uninstall Protection: Professional version of package disabler cannot be uninstalled by the user. The only way to uninstall is to enter package disabler->settings->uninstall