SuperLock Lite SuperLock Advanced SuperLock Professional
Kiosk any single Application NO NO YES
Kiosk a Home Application/Launcher YES YES YES
Kiosk a Browser URL YES YES YES
Kiosk Browser with tabs NO YES YES
Kiosk a Dashboard/Launcher YES YES YES
Landscape/Portrait orientation NO YES YES
Hide Status bar YES YES YES
Disable Hardware Keys (Home/Volume/Menu) NO YES YES
Disable Factory reset NO YES YES
Disable Safe Mode NO YES YES
Disable USB debugging NO YES YES
USB Net functionality NO NO YES
Disable Settings NO YES YES
Disable S-Voice NO YES YES
Disable Recent YES YES YES
Disable Back Key YES YES YES
Power Key custom configuration NO NO YES
Disable/Hide Android Packages YES YES YES
Disable screen timeout NO YES YES
Silent installation of Application from server NO YES YES
Custom Dashboard Logo/Text NO NO YES
Custom Browser Logo/Text NO NO YES
White labelling NO NO YES
Import/Export configuration NO YES YES
Request for additional features NO YES YES
Support None Email Email/Phone
Availability Play store On purchase On purchase