1. Can I avail SuperLock upgrades?

>> SuperLock updates are available to all paid customers free of charge.

2. How can I get new menus added to SuperLock?

>> New features are added based on request. Please email: service@ospolice.com .

3. How do I know my device is supported?

>> Supported device list is frequently updated on our website. Best way to ensure device support is to try DEMO version of SuperLock on your target device.

4. Is there a video looper application that comes with SuperLock?

>> SuperLock includes a browser and dashboard. Video Looper is available based on request.

5. Is URL shortcuts supported on SuperLock Dashboard?

>> Dashboard can include URL’s and APPS.

6. I need to kiosk 2 URL. What is the best way to achieve this?

>> Use SuperLock Dashboard and add 2 URL shortcuts. SuperLock allows you to add icons for the URL shortcuts.

7. How do I configure multiple devices?

>> Configure 1 device with the required settings, export the settings to cloud using Export option. Settings will automatically be imported on other devices if logged using the same email ID.

8. I need 3 applications to be downloaded from my server. How can SuperLock help with that?

>> Superlock has a built in APP installer. Just specify the IP address/ cloud storage path where your applications are located. SuperLock will download and install all applications without user interaction.

9. Do I need to enter License KEY in SuperLock Application?

>> Once you have purchased SuperLock, just register your email address in SuperLock application.

10. Can I user SuperLock in offline mode?

>> SuperLock requires internet connectivity only once during first launch to manage license. All the Superlock features will be available in offline mode thereafter.