Overview OSPolice Tabbed Kiosk Browser (Without Root permission)Tabbed Kiosk Browser will allow you to lock your Android tablet to specific web sites in browser tabs preventing end users from escaping to the underlying operating system.

Why Another Kiosk Browser
We have tried hundreds of Kiosk Browsers, in documentation they all look very good but in practice nothing works. Most of the Kiosk softwares need root access to support all the functionalities. But many of the users are not ready to accept rooted device because of security/ warranty concerns. Also many of the latest devices are non root-able. Also if you upgrade your device many existing solution may not even work (some of the Kiosk software solutions rely on bugs in the operating system that can be closed at any time by software updates from Android or from OEMs there by making the solution not work).

Another problem with many a Kiosk solution is the inherent exit loopholes in it. Most of them can be exited using safe mode or going to google play online to install 3rd party software(and many more easy techniques to exit Kiosk, like factory reset using key strings, recovery mode attacks, of flashing the device with hacked firmware and many …).

When you do mass deployment of devices you need an easy method to configure and Kiosk. But most of the existing solution requires complicated licensing, configuration and are very costly as well.

So we created OSPolice Tabbed Kiosk Browser to remove all the above concerns. Our solution does not require root access. We are using licensed software from OEMs so no problem with warranty or security. Our solution is the easiest and most cost effective way to Kiosk a device.
Please see below key features to understand why our solution is extremely strong and hack proof.

Key Features
– One-click Kiosk Browser (with pre configuration)
– Set URLs in tabs, and swipe to
– Password protected
– Whitelist (allow only certain websites) & Blacklist
– Keep screen on permanently
– Lock Screen Rotation
– Hide notification
– Block power button
– Remove Screen Server while on Kiosk mode
– Disable access to sVoice
– Disable access to recent
– Disable access to Safe mode
– Disable access to Home Key
– Disable access to USB
– Disable access to Multi Window and many more
– Disable Apps & system Apps (See our Package Disabler in google play)
– Disable Flashing & Recovery
– Customisable font, colour and size
– Choice of different colour themes
– And many more features!
What is it used for
Corporate Devices For corporate-owned devices, restrict access to only intranet sites and a pre-defined list of external websites
Line of Business Devices For line of business devices, administrators can enable kiosk mode to disable navigation and browsing capability. In kiosk mode, users can only navigate through a single site. Administrators can also set inactivity time limits.
BYOD To maintain corporate security, administrators can allow employees access to corporate intranet sites only

Device support & demo

Currently Kiosk Browser support most of the Samsung Android phones/Tabs for other OEMs please contact us. You can try demo version of Kiosk Browser from google play Kiosk Browser
How can I customise it
Yes lots of customisation is possible to match your requirements, please contact OSPolice service@ospolice.com or visit our web http://www.ospolice.com/

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