Protect your B2B device with SuperLock Kiosk

SuperLock is a mobile device configuration tool that enables administrator to convert a standard
Android device into a one purpose device. Devices can be locked down to one or more applications.Why another Kiosk app

The main problem with lots of Kiosk solutions in the market are, either they need root access or can be exited with safe mode. If root access is granted for a Kiosk solution then the entire security claim by that company is doubtful. Also such tools can install malicious apps / steal your details to web/ push unwanted advertisement. If you can exit Kiosk using “safe mode” then you cannot use it in high security environment or where techies are in action.
In the case of SuperLock from, the plus point   is it doesn’t require root access and in addition it has  also got the  option to switch of safe mode. So it  looks like a complete solution. It also provides with Browser Kiosk, where you can lockdown your device with the URL you like and the dashboard app, you can lockdown your device with your own apps. Their paid version has got much more functionalities and customization options.
Cost effective solution; many of the existing solutions are packed with unwanted features and user has  to pay unnecessary for those full solutions. Most of the users may only use one or two features of kiosk solutions but have to  pay extra for the features and UI gimmicks they never use. OSPolice SuperLock is completely customizable  and customer pays only for the  features they really use.

What are the main features of SuperLock
SuperLock supports all  3 main types of KIOSK, single app, browser and dashboard. 

  • Single app Kiosk
    • Allows user to configure any 3rd party app as Kiosk app.This option allows you to select any 3rd party application as a Home Application.
  • Kiosk Browser
    • This allows any URL to be run in browser mode. This is useful if a business does not have an Android application to KIOSK.
  • Kiosk Dashboard
    • Allows the device Administrator to select few apps and URL that needs to be presented on a Dashboard to the end use. Allows user to configure multiple apps and url shortcut as Kiosk app
Major industry verticals
  1. Education: Use single app kiosk feature to lock down an ebook app. This  is a common use case in education vertical where tablets are used for training and for exams
  2. Digital media: Tablets used a digital signage shows webpage of products. Car dealers use superlock browser kiosk in which they place a tablet in browser kiosk mode with url of the car  model next to the Car that is on sale.The user can click and know more about car on the website but is  disabled from doing   anything else.
  3. Healthcare: This is the  use case to show dashboard kiosk. Many nurses use  tablets where  few healthcare applications are locked down in a dashboard. This can also include browser url. You can showcase this by downloading few healthcare apps from playstore and use dashboard kiosk.

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